The Edison Parent Council, which is open to all parents, is responsible for many of the events and activities that take place at school year round. Together, we host several essential fundraisers, help families stay informed about school activities, and support many community building and enrichment offerings.

Below are the events and activities that take place each season, or throughout the year, that the Parent Council participates in or spearheads.  We need broad parent involvement to make each activity as successful as possible!

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Community Building and Enrichment



The Edison Jog-a-Thon is one of our most fun fundraisers and promotes health and success among all of Edison’s students.  Children collect pledges and then run as many laps at South Eugene’s track as they can.  Volunteers are needed to walk students to and from Edison, hand out water, mark off laps, set up and cleanup. [Tasha Hennings,]

Fall Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Fundraiser

Each fall, we sell Café Mam organic and free trade coffee, J-Tea teas, and Euphoria chocolate.  These items are sold in November and arrive just before the holiday season, making great gifts. Proceeds typically go to instructional assistant time for literacy support. Sale volunteers help produce literature, staff tasting booths, pack coffee orders and tabulate order sheets. [Jen Thoennes,]

Family Welcome & Back to School

Fall is an exciting time for Edison families as kids (and parents) get to see their friends again.  For incoming families, though, this can be a somewhat overwhelming time of year.  In order to help new families transition into the Edison community, we have the Welcome Committee within Parent Council.  The Welcome Committee provides assistance to new families, calling new Kinder families, hosting Kinder playdates before school starts and generally being available to answer questions (look for the “Ask Me” buttons!).  [Audrey Betenson,]

Fall Picnic

The fall picnic is a back-to-school event to welcome returning and new families and kick off the year.  Parents volunteer to help organize the event, create gathering areas by classroom for the picnic and hand out popsicles. [Audrey Betenson,]

School Directory

Parent Council helps create each year’s Student Directory, which lists contact information for Edison families.  Helping with the directory is a great way to volunteer during evening hours from the comfort of your home.  [Note: Using the list information for religious, political, sales, or marketing purposes is strictly forbidden.] [Tammy Young,]

 “Time of Sharing” Winter Food Drive

Several Edison families depend on free and reduced-price meals provided by the Edison cafeteria throughout the year.  By encouraging grocery store gift card and non-perishable food donations from the Edison community, we are able to help fill the two-week holiday gap.  Volunteers are needed for sorting and distributing the donations. [Kari Primo-Liddy,]

Health Screening

Edison parents support the 4J dental, vision and hearing health screenings each year by providing 6-10 volunteers to help make the process go quickly and smoothly. No health care experience is necessary. [Cathy Rasmussen,]


Café Alva Talent Show

Café Alva is the annual Edison talent show, giving students a chance to show off their skills and get confidence-building performance experience. Children perform anything from piano solos to comedy sketches.  This is a great event for the musicians and performers within our parent community to get involved in, although no music or drama experience is necessary to help. Volunteers are needed to help set up, orchestrate performances, serve refreshments and clean up. [Bobby Stevens,]

Student Project Fair

For all young scientists, artists, engineers, architects, musicians, social activists, collectors and inventors – this event provides a venue for our children’s creative energy.  Volunteers are needed to help set-up and strike tables at the end of the night. [Kari Primo-Liddy,]

Apparel Sales

You can help support Edison by purchasing and donning your snazzy Edison attire, which is sold each year. [Trevor Betenson,]

Winter Sing

The annual Winter Sing is an opportunity for students to share what they have learned in music, as well as give families a chance to exercise their voices at the sing-along portion of the evening. Parent volunteers help the music teacher put on this much loved annual tradition. [Andria Martin,]

Oregon Battle of the Books

OBOB is an opportunity for 3rd-5th grade students to read a lot of great books and compete in book fact Jeopardy-style battles as members of a team. The 3rd-5th grade teachers create teams among the students that signed up to participate and parent volunteers run the sign-ups and battles. For more information about OBOB, visit the official website, [Katie Westerman,]


Student Art Walk

New in 2015, Edison will host a Student Art Walk – a grownups-only evening fundraiser where parents sip drinks and nibble on hors d’oeuvres while bidding on one-of-a-kind student artwork. Prior to the event, parent volunteers work with their child’s classroom to create a cooperative work of art, as well as individual pieces, to be auctioned off at the Art Walk. This is a great chance for the artists in our parent community to share their talents by working with students to create art. [Jennifer Ensminger,]


New in 2015, Edison will be hosting a read-a-thon in which students get pledges from family members and the community for the number of books they read. This new campaign is both a fundraiser and educational opportunity for all of our students. [Tammy Young,]

Ocean Week

This much-anticipated annual school-wide event at Edison provides numerous opportunities for students to showcase what they have learned in their intensive marine science unit while celebrating both our watery planet and wonderful school. Ocean Week is the highlight of many kids’ school year.  Volunteers are needed for various activities including clam dissection, seafood luncheons, fish printing and sushi rolling. [Mandy Beall,]

Edison Community Celebration

Formerly known as the Carnival, this is the chance for our kids to just have fun and celebrate a good year at Edison. Lots of events, hosted by parents, help create lasting memories. [Katie Westerman,]

5th Grade Celebration

Many traditions abound in this celebration of the transition from elementary school to middle school. [This position is vacant for 2015. To volunteer, contact Kari Parsons,]


Direct Drive

Launching in the fall each year and continuing throughout the year is Edison’s easiest fundraiser:  our annual Direct Drive. We encourage all parents to give directly on a monthly basis to Edison at a level that is manageable to them. Volunteers are needed each year to draft the request, email blasts, and create the graphics (hello marketing, development and graphics professionals!). [Trevor Betenson,]


eScrip is the store loyalty program that gives a percentage of your purchases back to Edison when you sign up. Market of Choice donates up to 4% of your purchases, and Safeway, local restaurants and hundreds of online shopping vendors also participate. You can register or update your account at [Samantha Brauner,]

Box Tops

Those little 10 cent Box Tops for Education add up to real cash for our school (in the area of $1,000 annually). And bi-annual counting parties are lots of fun. [Susan Spence,]

Eat Outs

Dining out and letting someone else do the dishes is a real treat, but it feels even better when you are earning money for Edison in the process. Approximately three or four times a year, we Eat Out for Edison at a local restaurant that has committed to giving 20-50% of proceeds back to Edison. [Paula Williams,]

Parent Council eNews

Parent Council helps keep families informed and solicits volunteers through the weekly Parent Council eNews. Is marketing your thing? Do you like to be creative? Be a part of the eNews team! Team members compile the news once a month or less. [Mimi Kato,]


Our beautiful, parent-created website is a great resource for families. Volunteers are needed to help keep it up-to-date. [Susan Spence,]


When possible, we like to capture school happenings on film (or in bytes). Photos help populate our website, Facebook page, the 5th Grade Celebration slide show, and bulletin boards. We can always use a few go-to parents to rotate among for photo documenting our events. [Chris Miller,]

Chalkboard/Bulletin Board/Website Calendar

Do you like the listing of this week’s happenings on the chalkboard in the foyer? How about the Parent Council bulletin board across from the office, complete with pertinent parent leadership info? Or the calendar on the Edison website? You can help keep one or all up-to-date! [Paula Williams, (chalkboard, website calendar), Tonya Seita, (bulletin board)]

Social Media

Edison has both a Facebook page and Twitter feed. Volunteers for these two social media outlets post occasional reminders of upcoming events and accounts of fun happenings at school.

Room Parents

Room parents provide an essential service to teachers by coordinating volunteers for library time, in-class and out-of-class teacher support, parties, fieldtrips and Parent Council sponsored events that have grade-level assignments (like the Edison Community Celebration). [Raina Megert,]

Extended Learning

Please see the Extended Learning page for more information about this program in development. Parents are involved in helping teachers and the principal get this enrichment program off the ground. [Tricia Berg,]

Library Committee

The volunteer Library Committee works with the instructional staff member who works in the library part-time. The Committee organizes parent volunteers for classroom library times and helps with management of the library, including book orders, repairs, processing and organizing.

Meet the Masters

Two to four times a year, children learn about the lives and works of master artists through the art appreciation curriculum, Meet the Masters. Parent volunteers are needed to present the curriculum and lead art activities in the style of the featured artist. Training and resources are provided. See the Meet the Masters page or contact the parent coordinator for more information. [Elaine Lawson,]

Teacher and Staff Appreciation

As a way to say thank you to our wonderful teachers and staff, parents can participate in a monthly Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheon by cooking (or buying) a tasty item to contribute to the lunch. Luncheons are delegated by grade level. During Teacher Appreciation week in the Spring, families can participate by bringing in themed items for each day of the week, such as a piece of fruit for fruit bowl or a flower for a bouquet. [Sarah Campbell, (luncheons], Jennifer Ensminger, (teacher appreciation week)]